Seedling Public School

Sector-4, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur
Phone : 650994, 654399  Fax : 651684
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Seedling School.. From a Seed We Grow Into A Mighty Tree.
The school creates an ambience of learning which draws inspiration from Jaipur's age old scholastic and academic history.The School became a reality in 1992 and making a modest start from a posh residential locality,it has an impressive growth record. The School is affiliated to the CBSE. 
The school now has three branches to cope with the city's growing demand for quality education. 
Location :
The School is housed in modern building in the Jawahar Nagar and Mahaveer Nagar so architectured to create an ambiance for learning. Our School at Jawahar Nagar - Seedling Public School and at Mahaveer Nagar - Seedling modern High School both provides some of the best facilities in the field. 
Mission Statement :
The mission of the school is to develop human beings who are useful to the society and who will shun negatives views in life. It is our constant effort to identify a child's latent potential and nurture it to its full potential. To provide an ambiance and culture that promotes the spirit of competition and excellence. And, that of love, dedication and self-esteem. The school strongly believes that such education can be imparted by bridging strong understating with the parents. 

Our objects is to equip the students with knowledge , skill and values so that they gain life-time skill for their personal and professional development , and grow into young adults who are socially aware of their responsibility to Indian society.
Curriculum :
The Seedling Schools are modeled on the day boarding concept where the child receives a comprehensive education, designed to promote physical, mental and social development.
A carefully planned academic syllabus ensure that the child enjoy the years spent in learning , discovering and acquiring a sound understanding of concepts in favor subjects. The syllabus is enriched by teacher designed worksheets and subjects integrated projects. Emphasis is placed on learning through application and is reinforced through curriculum related trips, talk by invited speakers and films.
In the Pre-Primary years we follow a non formal approach to learning by doing. Children are encouraged to explore the environment around them and their place in it, through projects which integrate art, craft, music and dance. Activities are designed to develop their fine motor skills and encourage sensorial development.
Extra Curricular Activities : 
The School provides a fairly wide range of activities: 
Music * Art and Craft Guild * Dramatics * N.C.C. * Painting * Quiz Programmers * Science Club * Elocution * Photography * Extempore * Literary Club * Debates * Social * Service League * Exhibitions * Mountaineering * Interact Club * Yoga * Band * Karate.
Teaching Staff :
The teachers were hand picked, they were well qualified in modern teaching techniques but more importantly they are sensitive to a modern day challenge and aspirations. 
A counselor of extreme sensitivity takes pains to be available to parents, teachers and student when advice is needed.
Facilities :

The facilities provided is developed keeping in mind the requirements of modern day society.
The classrooms are spacious and airy and spaced well.
- Well-equipped libraries for all classes. 
- Latest audio-video instruction equipment. 
- A modern school auditorium, the best of its kind. 
- Meditation Hall 
- Play grounds to facilitate cricket, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, handball & 
- Coaching for cricket and tennis.
- Gymnastic and table tennis. 
- Swimming pool
- School Bus for safe pick-up and drop for students. 
- Photography and hobby rooms
- Health Center that periodically checks on student's health. 

Our End Product : 
The Seedling end product is a responsible citizen The school endeavors to create a responsible citizen and redeem its pledge to the parents at the time of the admission. 
Realizing the extreme need for technical and vocational education plans are afloat to start a dental-cum-technical college. This will the first Institute of its kind in the State.