Jaipur Fertility & Microsurgery Research Centre

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About Us :

Established in February, 1989, the main purpose of the Jaipur Fertility and Microsurgery Research Centre, popularly known as ''Jaipur Fertility'' is to provide comprehensive, personalised quality health care to the infertile couples and high risk pregnant patients.

Today, almost a deade since its inception. We have already crossed and achieved the TRIPLE CENTURE MARK of having the test-tube babies (IVF / ICSI babies) involving different kinds of couples with irreversible infertility apart from benefiting thousands of couples blessed with their own children, thereby achieving a goal of happy healthy family with the help of conventional & modern infertility treatments.

This unique super-specialty State-of-Art hospital with its dedicated staff and superlative technology in the field of Advanced Endoscopic Surgery. Reproductive Microsurgery, Advanced Reproductive Technology and Genetic Engineering (use of pre-implantation Genetic diagnosis) is all set to become a premier name in the field of reproductive medicine globally at the dawn of 21st century.

Today, we are not only leading in micro-fertilization technology (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection-ICSI, Assisted Hatching-AH & Embryo Biopsy) in the nation but we have also tried to tackle the financial aspect of this advanced technology by packaging these services, as our cost containment efforts, to bring down, and share the financial burden of this expensive technology to the reach of common people of India and other developing countries.

In nutshell, "Jaipaur Fertility" is an institution committed for excellence in comprehensive medical and ethical care of infertile couples through conventional as well as Advanced Reproductive Technology [ART : e.g. In-Vitro-Fertilization & Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET), Micro-manipulation i.e. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Assisted Hatching, Freezing of Human Embryos and Gametes], Advanced Endoscopic Surgery, Reproductive Microsurgery, Diagnostic & Invasive Imaging (Ultrasound & X-rays) Sciences and clinical endocrinology.

In these ten years of our progress, we re-dedicated ourselves to serve you with renewed zeal and commitment.

The Basic (Conventional) Infertility Management :

Screening for AIDS, Hepatitis-B, STD'S and Torch
Both partners are screened for AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis-B, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalo virus and Herpes.

Hormone Analysis
Blood samples may be taken to measure the levels of several different hormones.

Semen Analysis
A specimen of semen will be required from the male partner. This should be produced by masturbation directly into the sterile container provided by the hospital.

Mucus Hostility Test :

This test is performed to establish whether a woman's mucus at he neck of the womb (cervix) is respective to her partner's sperm during the time of ovulation.

Post Coital Test :

This test is performed around the time of ovulation like the mucus hostility test. 

Tubal Patency Test :

Fallopian tubes are complex and delicate structures. If they are completely blocked the sperm will be unable to meet and fertilise the egg. If they are not completely blocked fertilisation may occur but the pregnancy may be trapped in the fallopian tube and ectopic pregnancy may occur.
Test that may be carried out to see that the tubes are open.

Hysterosalpingogram(H.S.G.) :

This is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes. A special dye is injected into the uterus, the flow of the dye shows up on X-ray screen and the doctor can see whether it flows freely through the fallopian tubes. This is an outdoor procedure and usually done without anaesthesia.

Video-Laparoscopy :

This test requires admission to hospital for a day as it is performed under general anaesthesia. Few small incisions are made in the lower abdomen, a thin telescope called a laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen usually through an incision deep inside the navel and this allows the doctor to view the uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries.

Video-Hysteroscopy :

Hysteroscopy refers to the procedure by which the inside of the womb is viewed by means of a telescope. This is an ordinary outdoor procedure, which is quite safe and may be done with or without anaesthesia. Many of the operations involving uterine cavity like removal of adhesions, septum (a birth defect), fibroid polyp and some bleeding disorders of the uterus can be managed by operative Hysteroscopy.

Microsurgery for Blocked Fallopian Tubes! Epididymus and Vas :

A great deal of fineness and perfection is required during operation. This could be achieved only by having access to the finest of instruments, the best expertise, near total bloodless surgery and under magnification of an operating microscope. Microsurgery has significantly improved the results associated with conventional tubo-plasty in female or recanalisation operations of Vas and epididymus in male. This is routine performed at our centre with encouraging results.

The Advanced Reproductive Technology(IVF / ICSI) :

IVF : In Vitro Fertilization
IVF / ET is a procedure performed for any cause of resistant types or difficult forms of Infertility (not responding to conventional therapy) but its most common application is for those women with absent, blocked or abnormal fallopian tubes. IVF involves several steps :

1. Ovulation Induction
2. Egg Retrieval
3. Sperm preparation & Insemination
4. Embryo Transfer / replacement

Outstanding Achievements of Jaipur Fertility & Microsurgery Research Centre :

-  First to deliver IVF & GIFT babies (Test Tube Babies) in Northern
-  First to deliver IVF triplets in Northern India.

-  First to deliver an IVF baby through Microsurgical Epididymal
   Aspiration combined with In Vitro Fertilization (MESA-IVF) in India.
-  One of the first 2 centres in the country to develop ICSI
   (microfertilisation in IVF Technology)
-  Organised 2nd National Congress on ART & Infertility Management in
-  First to Introduce 3-D Digital Volumetric (Live 3-D) Ultrasound &
   Colour Doppler in India.
-  First to achieve a viable pregency (>34 wks) following ROSNI (Round
   Spermatid Nuclear Injection) with ICSI & TESE in a case of
   hypogonadotophic male (after hormonal therapy)
-  Highest no of ICSI deliveries (>110) in India.

-  Highest number of IVF babies in the World in cases of Genital
-  First to deliver an IVF baby through testicular sperms using
   conventional IVF.
-  Organised 1st International (Indo-German) Workshop on Endoscopic
   Surgery in Gynaecology in Jaipur.
-  First to deliver an IVF baby from 46 XY femal (A Genetic Male)
"JAIPUR FERTILITY" is committed to excellence in comprehensive medical and ethjical care of infertile couples through Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART: IVF - ICSI and Assited Hatching, Freezing of Human sperms, Eggs and Embryos), Advanced Endoscopic Surgery, Reproductive Microsurgery, Diagnostic & Invasive Imaging Science and Clinical Endocrinology. In short, JAIPUR FERTILITY is dedicated and committed to serve infertile couples in its mission of managing infertility through Advanced Reproductive Technology.