Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital

Bhawani Singh Marh, Jaipur.
Phone: 91-141-574189,574190,574192,566251-58

Not just a hospital, it is a mission.

Introduction : 

Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital cum Medical Research Institute, Jaipur is the most modern hospital of its kind in the state of Rajasthan. It offers outstanding medical facilities as well as medical expertise to all who knock its doors. SDMH is proud to have contributed several innovations to the field of medicine.

Objective :

 “Service to suffering humanity” has remained our guideline ever since it came into being. Our philosophy has always been the provision of the “finest medicare at the most affordable rates”. No patient has ever been turned away because he was too poor to pay.

Foundation Stone : 

SDMH was formally inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi on Nov. 28, 1971. Although its history would date back to 1963 when the 1st step in the field of medicine was taken and the Santokba Durlabhji Diagnostic Clinic was founded opposite S.M.S. Hospital.
The main objective was to meet the growing demand for better and cheaper diagnostic facilities at “no profit no loss basis”. It was equipped with the latest X-ray & ECG machines and a well-provisioned laboratory for bacteriological and pathological tests.
Encouraged by the tremendous success of the diagnostic clinic, the trust opened the Santokba durlabhji Maternity and Nursing Home in 1969 where basic facilities in the disciplines of medicine, surgery, pediatrics and gynecology were available.
Thousands of patients were served before the S.D. Maternity & Nursing home matured in 1972 to the gargantuan SDMH.

Facilities & Services :

General :
1. Total No. of beds 310
2. Private rooms (air-cooled) 22
3. Deluxe rooms (air-conditioned) 4
4. Semi-deluxe rooms (air-conditioned) 6
5. ICC/CCU (31 beds) 3
6. Special care neo-natal Unit No. of beds – 161
7. Operation theatre suites (9 theatres) 3
8. Wards (Centrally air-cooled) 10
9. Emergency (24 hrs. service-5 observation beds with 1 minor theatre) 1
10. Consultation Chambers 42

Specialities :

Medical   General Medicine
 Nephrology and Dialysis
Surgical  General Surgery
 Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Obstetric Surgery
Others   Pathology
 Prosthetic and Orthotics
 Speech Therapy

Nursing School :

35 admissions every year for Dip. Nursing and Midwifery with hostel accomodation for 200 students.

Ophthalmology :

· Argon and yag Laser
· In direct ophthalmoscopy – Neit Z BXL
· Tension tonometer – Riester
· Fluorescein Angiography Kowa
· Fundus Photography model RL-WFV
· Allergen Humphrey – Biometry
· Carl Zeiss operating microscope
· Vitrectomy
· Phakoemulsification
· Retinal detachment

General Orthopaedic and replacement surgery :

Manned by worlds renowned orthopaedic and polio surgeons the department provides round the clock orthopaedic trauma and non trauma services. With the excellent backup support of physiotherapy and artificial limb centre the department is recognized for its work in India and abroad. Hip, knee and now shoulder replacement surgery is routinely done at SDMH.

Other specialities :

Dermatology, Dentistry, prosthetic and orthotics, dietetic

Diagnostic Unit :

The department of pathology and radiology are equipped with the latest machines to provide diagnostic support services to the clinicians round the clock. There are facilities for Mistopathology, Haematology, Blood biochemistry on the latest Hitachi auto analyzer, Elisa and radio-immune assay based test, cytology, blood gas analysis. A 24 hours functioning blood bank provides blood products.

In-campus general and residential facilities :

Centrally air cooled building, captive gensets, drug stores, computer networking, orthotics and prosthetics workshop, indoor patient attendant block (Dharamshala), cafeteria, communication centre, book shop, cosmetic centre, maintenance workshops, laundry, residential accommodation for doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, bank, post office, staff and patient attendant vehicle parking, playgrounds and courts, resting place and sitting arrangement for attendants.
Call us and we are there
Our mobile critical ambulance is fully equipped to deal with any emergency and is just a phone call away.

Stepping into the Foyer
Here at whatever hour you come you will find quick and enthusiastic response.

Cardiac care center with associated CCU and Cath lab :

With the latest state of art technology and carefully selected team of cardiologist, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists and intensive care units manned round the clock by senior MD’s and specially trained and dedicated nurses, the cardiology unit and, 12 bedded CCU is already acclaimed amongst the best in Rajasthan.
· Facilities for cardia catheterization, angiography, ballon
  angioplasty, ballon mitral valvotomy and stenting.
· All routine open heart and congenital heart surgeries.
· Cardiac bypass surgery.
· Beside 2-D Echo/colour doppler study.
· Central monitoring station and multi parameter H-P monitors.
· Siemens/Bennett ventilators.
· Defibrillators from HP & physiocontrol
· Transcutaneous and transvenous temporary and permanent pacing
· Swanganz – cardiac output.
· Bronchoscopy of all kind & thoracic surgery.
· Cardiac rehabilitation and dietician services.

Neuro Sciences department :

A cohesive team of neurophysician, neurosurgeon and senior residents work round the clock for neurological case that is complete.