Tongia Heart And General Hospital

7, Vivekanand Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur.
Phone: 91-141-370271,374547  Fax: 383434

About Us :

Tongia Heart & General Hospital is a name to recokon with. With its state of the Arts Technology, Compassionate care and latest equipments, it is the only one in the state which can be called "COMPLETE".

Till the late eighties the cardiac care scenario of Jaipur conjured up images which were wrinkled because even many basic non-invasive facilities were not available. This was when we started our Heart Hospital at Yudhisthir Marg with the most modern Doppler Echocardiogram, Treadmill, Digital Holter (First in the country!) and an ICU.

In the ten years of its existence our Heart Hospital has made a niche in the hearts of the patients and the minds of the doctors, for the excellence of its professional services as well as its humanitarianism.

A new era of Cardiac Care in Jaipur is being ushered in at Vivekanand Marg with a brand new hospital provisioned with the state-of-the-art equipment and highly sophisticated scientific tools for diagnosis & treatment. Once again we have the signal honour of offering many firsts to the people of Rajasthan like a Digical Cath Lab and Angiography equipment which is cineless (on CD ROM) - ideal for coronary angioplasty & whole body angiography; sophisticated cardiac surgical equipment; Dual Head Gamma Camera for Thallium scans; Spiral C.T. Scan etc.

With a carefully selected team of well qualified and experienced doctors trained in some of the best centres in U.K., USA, France, Australia, we offer the best care & facilities. Rushing to metropolitan cities for "better treatment" will hopefully be the thing of past! Everything will be available right here, where & when you need it the most.

This is probably the single largest investment in the medical field in corporate sector till date in our state. More than that, it is the fulfillment of our long cherished dream to provide the most comprehensive and total cardiac care to the people of Rajasthan.

Qualified, experienced & trained doctors serve you with full devotion, sympathy, moral support & service oriented attitude.

Dr. Albert Schweitzen, the Nobel Laureated philosopher & physician, had the following inscription at his hospital entrance in Africa - "HERE AT WHATEVER HOUR YOU COME, YOU WILL FIND LIGHT AND HELP AND HUMAN KINDNESS". Our endeavour will be to live up to this sentiment.

Cardiac Cath Lab:

Balloon Angioplasty - Stenting, Angiography

First and the only one of its kind in Rajasthan - Digital, CD-ROM based Cineless Philips Integris with DSA, Cineloop, Quantification, Roadmapping etc.

Excellent not only for heart but total body angiography & vascular interventions like stents, ballons etc. Superb results and total safety will be ensured.

Cardiac Surgery Theatires:

- Saarns 800 Heart-Lung Machine
- Datascope-97T Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
- Siemens 300C Servo Ventilators
- Modern multipara monitors for H.P.
- Laminar Air Flow, HEPA Filters.
- Angieunex OT light etc.

With such superb equipment at the surgeon's command he can give the best results - even in the most difficult Bypass & Valve operations.

The carefully selected team of cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthesiologists, perfusionists and technicians have a vast experience in leading centres of India and abroad. They will perform Bypass operations, MIDCAB, beating heart surgeries, valve replacement and corrective surgeries on regular basis. They are also well experienced in video-endoscopic cardiac surgery.

Coronary Care Unit & Surgical ICU :

18 beds, spacious, well-equipped units, manned round-the-clock by senior MDs & specially trained & dedicated nurses.

- Beside ABG
- Central Monitoring Station
- Modular Multiparameter Monitors - H.P.
- Siemens & Bird Ventilators
- Defibrillators from H.P. & Physiocontrol
- Transcutaneous & transvenous pacing
- Swanganz-Cardic output
- Mobile C-Arm image intensifier
- Sophisticated infusion and syringe pumps

A well qualified team of cardiologists, well trained in all aspects of invasive and non-invasive modalities, will endeavour to give best results - even in the most critical and difficult cases.

24 hour Emergency. Shortest Door-to-needle-time in case of acute heart attacks to save more lives.

Non-invasive Cardiac Facilities:

Already acclaimed as amongst the best in the country

- Colour Dropper Unique in the state-ATL HDI 3000 and Apogee CX
  for routine & urgent
   beside echo in CCU.
- Broadband multifrequency transducers
- Tissue Harmonics - native & dual
- Transcranial Echo Doppler
- Multiplane TEE
- Power Angio, 3D
- Digital Holter Biosensor and Q-Med Monitors - the first digital unit
  in the entire country
- Ambulatory BP monitoring for 24 hr. control
- Tilt Testing (HUT)
- Spirometry - Resting and Dynamic
- Gamma Camera - Most Modern, dual-head, variable angle. The
  first of its kind in the country and the only one in RajasthanSuperb
  images of Thallium & MUGA scans.Also excellent for whole body
- Digital ECG including Miniature (to carry in the pocket at all times,
  useful during emergency situations).

Other Diagnostic Facilities:

- Fast Spiral CT Scan. Ideal for brain and whole body.
- X-ray
- Sonography-multiple probes, including endocavitary scans
- Laboratory - Fully automatic analysers
- Blood Gas analysis - (ABG) ultra modern machine, instant results
  (20 sec.) Round the clock service.

Other Facilities:

Apart from cardiology, other prominent specialities are General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynaecology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Endocrinology, ENT, skin etc.

Theare are backed by eminent & renowned consultants & top of the line equipment for excellent results. Total care is ensured.

- Carl Zeiss Operating Microscope
- Olympus Gastroscope & colonoscope
- Aesculap Laparaoscopy system
- Colposcope, ERBE biplar cautery etc.
- Spacious OPD. Choice of IPD beds to suit all needs (General
  wards, Semi-private, Deluxe, Super Deluxe)

Support Services:

- Centrally air-conditioned (entire building)
- Captive Genset (125 KVA) in sound proof Canopy - avoids noise
- Solar heating - environmental friendly.
- Drug store, Cafeteria, Computer networking.
- Dietician services. Cardiac rehabilitation.